Pink Moon Ritual

She Fully embodies the concepts she teaches in her personal life and practice. that is rare.

— Debra Lynne Katz Author, Director of the international school clairvoyance


What people have to say about a reading with Sherri..


I had a reading with Sherri today and I was feeling her wonderful energy minutes before she called.  During the reading she was very accurate and delivered many messages that I really needed to hear.  Also she described a new hobby I've recently picked up and hit home with some things I've been putting to the side that really deserve my attention now.  I could hear in the cadence of her voice that she wasn't passing judgement or getting in her own way, she really let's the messages come through from spirit.  



Hi Sherri

I want to give you a super big amazing gigantic appreciation for the intuitive session you did for me !!

Wow!! You are so amazingly connected and realllyyyyy spot on with all your insight. All of it clicked so well, like "Hey, I already know that somewhere deep inside   but don't really see it because I am so IN it."

With keeping what you said in mind.. I have started the process of accepting myself more as I am and stop trying to fit myself into other people's ideas of the way things "need" to be done.

It has allowed me to stay open to do things that aren't so time bound and conventional. (Which feels really stifling to me)

I did a group healing session.. the first one EVER a few days ago. I offered people to sign up and had 18 people in less than24 hours.

(18 in Hebrew means Long life!!)

It was so perfect. The energy was so big in this session.. and many of the clients had such good experiences they wrote to me about ...It was like this power coming through I did not know I had. (like a thousand watt light bulb instead of my own 60 watt!!  Just like you mentioned in the session that I was so much bigger and had So much more energy in me than I saw in myself!)

Soooo.. this is just the start. I have a new filter to see through now. And that means that I give myself more acceptance and breadth to do ME, instead of staying squished and small in other people's boxes. And it means that I can be of greater service to others ...which makes my heart sing!

Thank you so much Sherri!! I am soooo grateful .

With much Love


Sherri has performed numerous healings to activate and hasten my own healing power. She has called upon my Angels to help move kidney stones through with less pain, as well as, working with my Angels to help me move beyond emotional blockages. As a scientist, I inherently disbelieve until sufficient proof becomes acceptable fact. Sherri has proven her skillful healing talent time and again. Her work is completed with such tenderness and love, that you are left feeling lighter and whole.



 Thank you so much for your reading today. You couldn't have nailed it on the head any better.

 I struggle with being vulnerable in my Nerium business!  I told myself Monday I need to get out of my own way.    You've opened my eyes to see that I do need to share with this universe and there are so many people out there looking for an opportunity for this journey if I just share more of my personal experiences!!

 Thanks a million!! 


My experience as a student with Sherri in Sedona, AZ was a wonderful one. Her joie de vive and infectious laugh made her seem like an old friend, and was very comforting.  She is a warm, kind and sharing spirit, very conscientious and helpful with any questions we had,  A talented clairvoyant, Sherri was able to help us feel at ease and guide us in learning to read, and is sure to be able to help with questions you may have.  


Having a reading with Sherri is a transformative experience you will not want to miss!  She is a fantastic clairvoyant and healer and if there is an answer to be had she will find it.  She is also a truly loving, wonderful person who I trust with the most intimate details of my life.  Also, She fully embodies the concepts she teaches in her personal life and practice.  That is rare.



I’m glad to have met you! You are a healer, too, and have so much to offer each soul and person you touch along your way. Peace be with you. Always with love.




Where to start? First I think it’s important to feel a sense of comfort with the person who is reading you, which is always the case with Sherri. We have had a few sessions and they all have made me feel better and more enlightened about my situation. She is clearly a natural healer and very intuitive. I believe Sherri is the one person I can turn to when having any given dilemma be it professional and personal and really be able to see the light from the other side.
What a gift to have!

Alexandra Iacob, healing

Sherri is my fairy. Before the reading, when she was grounding herself I felt like she was grounding me and my thoughts. From a million questions in my head, the storm went away leaving a serene calming light, with no more thoughts and worries. Sherri calmed my spirits and brought back the strong woman who I need to be and missed, feeling empowered and free.

Thank you Sherri! You are such a wonderful soul.

Marcela Macias De Hadzimehmedi,

The reading with Sherri was magical. I didn't have to tell her anything at all, she immediately tuned into my energy and knew where my challenges were and what I needed to do to move forward.

She also conveyed some messages from my guides and helped me clarify my path. I was left with a light, loving feeling that lasted for days after the call.

Barry Kivel, Los Angeles, CA

Sherri is the real deal! She described things about me that I have never shared with anyone before.